The Core of the Matter....

This week is core week in the studio. Love it or hate it, having core strength is important in everything that we do with our physical bodies. 

Love it or hate it, our core beliefs have everything to do with how we live our lives. Our conscious (and unconscious) thoughts, become our words. Our words become our deeds...Together our thoughts, words and deeds combine to form our life. And this, as they say, makes all the difference. 

RETREAT DAY: If you would like to explore the power of thoughts, words and deeds in manifesting intention your life, I will hosting another retreat day on this topic. During the day we will share the quantum physics behind the principles of and steps in manifesting intention. We will use yoga, japa meditation and breath techniques as manifesting tools. And, of course, there will be wonderful, organic, healthy (but delicious), vegetarian food provided. If you are interested in joining...3 spots left. Thursday, 4 August, 10.30-4pm. Here in the studio. 

Last but not least, some of you have asked me to share the short blessing from the loving kindness meditation that we used to end each class this week. Here it is: 

May I be happy. 

May I be healthy, 

May I ride the waves of my life. 

May I be at peace

No matter what I am given.