A poem: Unravel


let your voice be quiet.

and listen to the sound

of the air moving your lungs.

Through this self-made silence

grow up

around a stillness

like a vine up a trellis

moving only into the places

where there is space,

moving until the very air feels twisted around you.


and this air in your lungs

will unravel you

to make more space

for you to grow again.

denise balyoz. 11 june 2016




Space. Emptiness. Nothing. Or, to say it another way, no thing. In photographic design, this is called the use of negative space.

But why negative? Apparently, we are all mostly empty space. 99.999% of empty space, in fact. Atoms are filled with it. Our galaxy is filled with it. But take away matter and energy and you have this thing called nothing. This nothingness is infinite, eternal and indestructible. 

But what does this have to do with the practice of yoga? Our breath is energy (prana). Our bodies are physical in their movement. Our minds forever chatter with our thinking. And our lives?...these days most of us would say that our lives are full to the brim. 

In yoga, we practice with our breath and our body....with the energy and the matter that we have, right now today. We practice with these things and eventually, an awareness grows, a spaciousness arises, even in the midst of the busiest of days. 

If no thing can't be changed, it is always there. Always present. Always constant. Always everywhere. Without realising it, we are filled with the space of nothingness. We are filled with stillness. And this is really something

See you on the mat.