Strength and Grace

Our theme this week is strength and grace, inspired by the yoga sutra: Sthira sukham asanam.

This sutra tells us that our practice must be both steady and comfortable. Somehow we must combine the opposing forces of effort and ease.

Yoga means union. Thus, the entire practice is about embracing and uniting the polarity of opposites:  Effort and ease. Strength and grace. Rooting down so that we can reach up. Activation and surrender. 

How do we do this? 

First, the practice (this week) is about finding and engaging the bandhas. Mula bandha is our root lock. Mula bandha seals our energy within the body. Uddiyana bandha provides us with our 'upward flying' direction of this energy. From our bandha engagement comes our strength. 

Secondly, we approach our practice with a lightness, a surrendering, an ease...Like children who play. With childlike wonder. Cartwheeling, handstanding. Or as in the photo...dropping back into full wheel...With no worries toward the final result. Just delighting in the activity itself and the joy of movement. 

See you on the mat!